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About Me

My name is Simon Skotheimsvik, and this is the blog where I document and share ideas as a Microsoft MVP and Senior Cloud Consultant at CloudWay.

My Background

I have broad experience and passion for Microsoft technology from a career starting in the late 1990s. Initially as in-house IT support, but moved to consulting in the mid-2000s covering all aspects from delivering cutting-edge expertise to being the go-to-guy giving advices and speeches on tech and interfacing people and processes.

I have long experience in new technology!

– Simon

Endpoint management has always been part of the repertoire with roots back to Windows NT, Active Directory, and recently with a heavy focus on the cloud-based solutions from Microsoft covering Microsoft 365, Azure AD, identities, security, endpoint management, Intune, applications, and solutions found in the Office portfolio, and such. I have the recent years been deeply involved in migrating customers to the Microsoft Cloud with a focus on automating tasks.

My technological repertoire has also had large elements of unified communication. Starting with the voice-enabled Office Communication Server, I have a proven history of bridging the gaps from traditional PBXs by using Microsoft UC technology all the way up to the cloud-based Teams.

Deep technical knowledge, versatile background, good documentation, technical flair, keen interest, and ability to improvise are good ingredients I bring to the projects where I am involved.

Sharing Is Caring

I have always loved to work out loud, sharing my expertise with colleagues, customers and community through text, pictures, illustrations, videos an public speaking at conferences

I have always been eager to learn, document, and share knowledge. The reach was rather small initially with pen and paper, but my collegium loved it. Internal documentation was my community before blogging

Awards and Recognitions

I am highly certified within Microsoft 365, Intune, EMS, Azure, Teams, Cyber Security and more.

After working a lifetime with Microsoft technology and actively sharing my findings and knowledge, I am absolutely thrilled and deeply honored to receive recognition from Microsoft as a dedicated technology enthusiast through the Microsoft MVP program!

While it’s challenging to determine the exact number of individuals worldwide working with Microsoft technologies, it’s incredibly exciting to be named the third Intune MVP in Norway. I’m sincerely grateful to be a part of this vibrant community, which comprises only 3000 technical experts and global community leaders worldwide.

Being recognized with the MVP award is incredibly motivating. It encourages me to further develop my skills in Microsoft Cloud and Endpoint Management specialization.

Simon does…

The title of my blog, “Simon does…” is a wordplay spinning out of the traditional children’s game named “Simon says…” combined with the fact that I am a doer as well as a public international speaker. I love ensuring things are done correctly and accurately, and I love sharing knowledge about what I do through my blog and speaking activities in the community.

Well done is better than well said

– Benjamin Franklin

I love to learn new stuff and tend to learn it best while doing things. In my case, #neverstoplearning could translate to #neverstopdoing – hence the name “Simon does…”

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