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Booking of Exchange room resources in Teams

We are experiencing some problems related to booking of exchange room resources in Microsoft Teams. Some meetings are not booked in the Exchange room resource calendar which might result in problem with double-booking of the physical room and problems connecting to the meeting from a Skype Room System.

A Teams meeting can be booked from both Outlook Calendar and from the Microsoft Teams client. If you are booking the meeting in Outlook Calendar and the Teams meeting plug in, you can’t select a corresponding Teams Channel for the meeting. It is therefor preferable to use the meetings tab in the Teams Client for booking the Teams meeting. In order to have the Exchange Room Resources available in Microsoft Teams, you have to add the Exchange resources to distribution groups.

I have spent some time researching the problem with missing bookings from Teams meetings in Exchange room resources. The research made the following findings:

  • If the room resource is selected before Team/Channel is selected, the room is not booked in the Exchange calendar for the room resource.
  • If a Teams meeting with a meeting room is edited afterwards, the Exchange room calendar loses its booking.

I guess this will be fixed soon on the Microsoft Teams client. Until then, we have to make sure to do the booking variables correctly and in the correct sequence:

Choose Channel before meeting room

If you have any experience related to this issue, I would be glad to hear!

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