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Exchange Connection Error in Lync

From time-to-time, I do come across Lync clients with this small exclamation mark in the lower right corner indicating an Exchange Connection error:

There is plenty of information and troubleshooting guides related to this problem on the Internet, but most of them deal with central problems in the Lync/Exchange topology addressing all the users housed on that topology.
I do have a small dirty trick that will help 90% of the issues where this happens on a single computer/user:
  1. Exit Outlook
  2. Exit Lync
  3. Start Regedit
  4. Navigate to and delete the following Key:
    1. Lync 2010:
    2. Lync 2013
    3. Skype for Business
  5. Start Outlook and Lync
Now it’s time to grab a cup of coffee and wait 5-10 minutes for the Lync client to establish contact with your Exchange environment. You will see this in Lync Configuration Information (rightclick on Lync in System Tray):

Lync waiting for Exchange connection

If you have separate mail and sip domains, it could be necessary to set the DisableEmailComparisonCheck variable:

Set-CsClientPolicy -DisableEmailComparisonCheck $true


If you still have the problem, it’s time for a deeper dive into primary SMTP addresses, Lync EWS url’s, trusted sites in Internet Explorer or maybe just call a friend 🙂

Searching for Regedit in Windows8

Starting Regedit from RUN in Windows7/XP

Deleting corresponding Key in Regedit


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