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Greek chat in Lync

Hidden in Lync is a function where what you write in an IM is automatically translated into most of the world’s languages. This works against your Lync and MSN contacts and works so well that via Norwegian you can have a chat dialog in real time with a person from, for example, Italy, Spain or China!

The translator behind it is a Microsoft Bing service similar to The translations will of course not be perfect, but good enough for you to understand each other.


This service must first be enabled on your Lync client by running a registry file and restart the Lync client.


When you are in an IM with a contact, you can easily start the translation program. You now get an extra field to the right where you select which language you want to translate from and to, enter your message and press Translate.

This will give you the translated text ready to be sent.

Good luck in your chat on any language!

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