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Handling of contacts in Microsoft Teams

The handling of contacts in Microsoft Teams is for many users a step backwards related to Skype for Business. Could it be that we could find some alternative approaches for handling contacts?`

The fastest way to start an IM

Most conversations starts with an instant message. Lets look at some fast ways to start an instant message.

Windows Search

If you use Windows Search (Win+S) and search for your colleague, you will have a direct shortcut to start an IM.
Search for users in Windows Search and start an IM directly

Edge browser Search

If you have logged in to the new Edge Chromium browser and picket the Office365 content, you can search directly inside your company for people and start an IM.
Log in to your Edge browser to get direct access to 365 content and search

Start an IM directly from the Search results

Contact card in Office applications

Wherever you see your contacts in the Office applications or portals, you can hover the mouse on the contact in order to open a contact card with extended information and contact information. Here you can easily start an IM directly.
Hover the contact card and start an IM directly

Contacts handling in Teams

Some users are also complaining about the handling of contacts in Microsoft Teams. In general your Outlook contacts are synced to Teams. Please be aware that it’s only one contact list from Outlook that gets synced to Teams. If you have multiple contact lists, its the default list that gets synchronized. You can figure out which one this is by checking Contacts Properties – Outlook Address Book. The checkmark for showing the folder as an email address book is greyed out for the default address book that is synchronized towards Teams.
The default Outlook Contacts (Ctrl+3) are synchronized to Teams
Please be aware that it will take some time for new contacts to appear in Microsoft Teams – from 3 to 24 hours. Please also note that users are reporting that you have to add a company name to your Outlook contacts in order to get the available in Microsoft Teams.
The contacts syncing from Outlook will not give you the rich Teams communication possibilities. You will only have basic calling and email (if you have phone system integration. You can however add the contact as a Team Contact in the Speed Dial contact list in Teams. This will give you the rich communication possibilities provided by Teams. If you have the SIP/mail address in the Outlook contact card, you will have a merged contact card in Teams with all communication possibilities available. If you edit your Outlook contact after adding the Teams contact (add email address or IM address), please be aware of the delayed integration from Outlook Contacts to Teams (3-24 hours).
Example of Outlook Contact in Microsoft Teams lacking the rich communication features

User added as a Teams Contact

Example of Outlook Contact merged with Teams contact giving a unified view with all communication possibilities. 


Please be aware that you should have Teams registered as the chat app for Office in order for getting the quick access to Teams Instant Messaging in your computer.
Register Microsoft Teams as the chat app for Office.

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