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Headset Management Made Easy with Jabra Xpress and Microsoft Intune

In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise device management, maintaining a harmonious symphony between hardware, firmware, and software updates is the ultimate key to success. It’s like conducting an orchestra where each device plays a crucial note. And just like a skilled conductor, you need the right tools to ensure this harmony. In this blog post, we’re diving into headset management made easy with Jabra Xpress and Microsoft Intune, creating a melodious blend.

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Harmonizing Hardware and Software: The Jabra Xpress Prelude

You’ve made a smart move by investing in top-notch headsets to supercharge your team’s productivity. In audio solutions, Jabra stands tall, offering a range of devices that elevate communication and collaboration. Jabra Xpress enters the scene as the maestro orchestrating the firmware and software updates for Jabra devices on Windows, macOS and Linux.

The Jabra Xpress YouTube presentation

Think of Jabra Xpress as a backstage pass to keep your devices performing at their peak with secure and free headset analytics and management tools.

Microsoft Intune: The Conductor’s Baton

Now, imagine Jabra Xpress as a talented soloist, and Microsoft Intune as the conductor’s baton, guiding the entire orchestra. Intune is Microsoft’s cloud-based service designed to seamlessly manage devices and applications across your enterprise. With Intune, you can establish policies, configure settings, and ensure your devices align with your organization’s goals.

In this setting, Intune will publish the app and configuration allowing your Jabra devices to get conducted by Jabra Xpress.

Striking the Chord: Jabra Xpress and Intune Integration

Here’s where the magic happens. Jabra Xpress doesn’t play a solo; it’s part of a larger ensemble directed by Intune. With the distribution of Jabra Xpress from Intune, you can orchestrate firmware and software updates for Jabra devices in harmony with the broader device management strategy.

Benefits of the Harmonious Duo

Simplified Device Lifecycle Management: The combination of Jabra Xpress and Intune simplifies device lifecycle management. This duo ensures your devices play the right tune from initial setup to continuous updates.

Enhanced User Experience: Imagine your employees enjoying top-notch audio quality without disruptions. Jabra Xpress maintains device performance, boosting user satisfaction.

Efficient IT Operations: Integration means less manual intervention for the IT maestros behind the scenes. Automatic updates and configurations minimize the need for hands-on adjustments, allowing your team to focus on higher-value tasks.

Security and Compliance: Jabra Xpress keeps devices up to date, helping to plug security vulnerabilities promptly. This proactive approach aligns perfectly with modern cybersecurity demands.

A Symphony of Steps: How It Works

Jabra Xpress Configuration

Initially, you need to set up your Jabra Xpress portal, where you can define device profiles and configurations tailored to your organization’s needs.

Get Access

Starting from the Jabra Xpress home page, you can access an always-updated solution with unlimited storage capacity for managing Windows and macOS devices.

headset management made easy with Jabra Xpress and Microsoft Intune

Initially, we need to register for the service.

Unfortunately, no strong authentication mechanisms are available here 🤯
Make sure your password is as strong as possible – mine is more than 90 characters long🕵️

Accept the EULA once signed in.

The portal is now available.

Management Packages

A management package holds a specific configuration of settings. Several packages can be created targeting a specific group of users (Contact Center Headsets, Working From Home devices, Teams Rooms spaces, BYOD Collaboration Spaces, etc).

Each package has an ID and an URL used for addressing the clients.

The Package Settings can be set to your demands.

The package will be distributed to each endpoint using Microsoft Intune.

Intune Integration

Intune will be used to distribute and configure the Jabra Direct software to each client connected to a Jabra headset.

Download the Packaged

The client can be downloaded from the portal.

The downloaded package contains several files for installation at the endpoints.

Create an uninstall routine for the package.

The package is now ready to be prepared for distribution using Microsoft Intune.

Prep the Package for Microsoft Intune

This package will install Jabra Direct with Jabra Xpress integration on the device.

To distribute the package with Microsoft Intune, I will package this as a Win32 app using the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool (IntuneWinAppUtil.exe).

The prepared package can now be distributed using Microsoft Intune.

Once uploaded, the app is available on the device for installation. Here the package is ready to be installed from Company Portal:

Once installed, the tool will look like a normal Jabra Direct on a Windows device. All connected Jabra devices will be discovered. This is an example of how it looks on my device:

A trained eye will notice the name of the Jabra Xpress Management Package in the title line of the app. In this example “Jabra Direct – CloudWay”. This verifies the Jabra Xpress integration on the device level.

Automation in Action

Once the Jabra Direct software is installed on the organization’s clients, Jabra Xpress will collect information about the connected Jabra devices. This will be visible in the portal.

There are different views available.

Discovered devices can be added to management.

This allows for a detailed centralized configuration of settings and firmware upgrades.

It can be challenging to know which device is which as more and more devices are discovered.

To address this, we can modify the package settings to capture personal data like user name and computer name to use in the analytics:

Watch the harmony unfold as Jabra Xpress performs firmware and software updates according to your policies.

Device Nirvana

Sit back and enjoy the music. Your devices are in tune, playing their part in the grand enterprise symphony.

Final Notes: The Crescendo of Collaboration

In the world of device management, collaboration and harmony are more than mere concepts – they’re the backbone of successful operations. Jabra Xpress, guided by the hand of Microsoft Intune, combines devices, firmware, and software in a unified melody that resonates throughout your enterprise.

Remember to invite your colleagues to collaborate in the Jabra Xpress portal!

Please note that Jabra Xpress also manages devices in rooms and meeting spaces and can give you thorough room insights related to usage, capacity, and more! Rooms and analytics have not been extensively covered in this post.

So, whether you’re a seasoned IT conductor or a junior orchestrator-in-training, remember that Jabra Xpress and Intune are here to make your device management journey a harmonious masterpiece. Keep those devices playing in perfect harmony!

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