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Intune Chronicles: Fix WiFi After A MacOS Wipe

Have you ever wiped your macOS using Intune and ended up stuck with a missing WiFi menu? Don’t worry, tech enthusiasts! I’ve discovered the solution to restore your Wi-Fi connection and successfully re-enroll your MacBook into Intune.

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The Background

I frequently transfer my devices between tenants to check their configurations. While dealing with my MacBook, I frequently encounter a scenario where, after performing a wipe through Intune, the device lacks the WiFi menu.

It is essential to have the Wi-Fi menu to establish an internet connection for device activation. Without the menu or a network cable, I am unable to proceed beyond the activation screen.

Fix WiFi After A MacOS Wipe

The most frustrating aspect of this situation is the sense of déjà vu. While the solution is straightforward, the challenge lies in locating and recalling it every time it’s needed. It’s high time to document this pesky issue in a blog post — not only to assist my future self but also to potentially aid others facing a similar predicament.

Fix WiFi After A MacOS Wipe

Let’s jump straight to the bits and pieces.

Start macOS With Startup Options

When you are in the situation of the missing Wi-Fi menu when activating Mac, you need to follow the routine to start macOS in safe mode.

Shut down your macOS from the Apple menu in the upper left corner.

Press and hold the power button on your Mac. Your Mac will turn on and load startup Options. When you see the Options, you can release the power button.

Select your startup disk, often called “Macintosh HD”.

Occasionally, I’ve been forced to select Options to get the WiFi menu before reinstalling macOS.

On the Activate Mac screen, click Recovery Assistant – Erase Mac from the top-left menu bar.

After this, you should have the WiFi menu available!

Connect to your favorite Wi-Fi and enjoy!

Seal the Deal

With your MacBook back in the realm of connectivity, you now wield the power of the cloud at your fingertips.

It’s time to embrace the future – strap in and get ready to skyrocket your device into the Intune universe, fueled by the formidable synergy of Apple Business Manager and Apple Configurator.

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