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Intune Double Click Mystery: Feature or Bug Unveiled?

Once upon a time, I easily navigated device compliance issues from the device blade in Intune. But somewhere along the line, that function vanished into thin air. Today, by sheer chance, I stumbled upon how to reaccess it. The big question looms: Did I stumble upon a hidden feature, or was it just a pesky bug? Join me for the Intune double click mystery!

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The Missing Compliance Details

Troubleshooting is all about delving into the details to uncover the reasons behind the issues. Looking at the Intune Device blade, it is easy to spot compliance-related challenges. They will illuminate and capture my interest.

Intune Double Click Mystery: Feature or Bug Unveiled?

When it all boils down, think of device compliance as your golden ticket, whisking you through security checks done by Conditional Access with a wink and a nod. Working to solve the problem, I will examine each device by checking the Device Compliance blade for details.

As things progress, you feel like you’re getting closer to the problem as you dig deeper. But – there’s a halt here now. Previously, I could get even closer to the truth and see which setting in each compliance policy was causing the issue – but suddenly, it stops here!

The Mysterious Double Click

This has been bugging me for a while. In the good ol’ days, a single, well-aimed mouse click on the error marker could take you to a new level of detail on the issue. So why the sudden disappearance of this magical click? I have no clue when it vanished, but it’s haunting every tenant I check now!

Today, I had a moment of pure enlightenment in this saga. A dash of luck, a pinch of artful accident, and maybe a sprinkle of inspiration from one of my favorite Lunch comic strips.

Out of sheer frustration, I unleashed an intense double-click on the “Not compliant” message!

It’s not exactly common practice to double-click in web-based solutions like Intune, so I didn’t expect anything to happen. Yet, against all odds, the unthinkable happened!

Picture this: the age-old tradition of the mighty double-click revealing the dearly missed final level of detail used in troubleshooting Device Compliance in Microsoft Intune. With this information at hand, it’s now a breeze to see whether the issue stems from the device lacking BitLocker as defined in a policy, or if it’s been inactive for too long as per the default device compliance policy. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Intune double click mystery: Feature, or Bug Unveiled?

Now, I’m stuck in limbo with the Intune double click mystery. The question is whether this is a hidden feature or if I’ve stumbled upon a bug.

Either way, reuniting with an old friend I’ve missed is a relief. Should I gamble on it being fixed back to single-click access, or is this an option not supposed to exist at all, disappearing if “someone” finds out about it?

Best to keep this under wraps. Shh!🤫

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