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MSIgnite 2016, Day3

Three days has passed at MSIgnite 2016. Still two more to go, but first a wrap up of some notes to my self from this day stuffed with exciting sessions.

After breakfast I found time to do a spark portrait. As usual I had a sharp eye on the technology. Pretty interesting to see and even hear all the shutters released at the same time for a photo nerd like me. The result:

Session number one was the “Troubleshoot new Skype for Business offerings” held by Jason Collier and Ricardo Garcia. This was a really good deep dive into how to troubleshoot the new SfB offerings. The experienced speakers did share a wealth of information from the nuts and bolts of the most common scenarios. They did also show helpfull tips and tricks through the tools of troubleshooting SfB. A much appreciated session stuffed with valuable technical information. The slide deck will be studied and the session replayed more than once.

Jason, Ricardo and Bryan from yesterdays SOF session
Start with a structured approach for troubleshooting
Gather as much details as possible from the error situation
Classify the issue from the details
Common causes to problems. Note that the Client also needs patching to keep up with the pace of the Cloud

Session number two this wednesday was by William L. Looney: “Troubleshoot Operations with Skype Call Quality Management”. Unfortunately he had some demo syndroms, but the essence of the topic was good – this topic has also been mentioned in other sessions so far during this Ignite week.

William Looney on stage

Tool overview for Call Quality management

As my third session today I did choose the “Migrate to Exchange Online via Exchange Hybrid” held by Timothy Heeney and Michael Van Horenbeeck. It’s a pleassure to experience such highly related sessions according to my current running projects held by such vital and knowledgeable people. This session did answer quite a few questions. It was a thrill listening to Timothys stories from development spiced with sweet humor. Both speakers had a good flow and high speed. Appreciated!

Thomas Murphy Ballroom was a great arena for som superior speakers

With help of Twitter I got noticed to join the “Plan for Cloud PBX deployment” session held by Jamie Stark. This was also a really good session held by an inspiring and captivating speaker with mint presentation skills, knowledge to the subject and superb flow. The session did cover an overview of all the features of Cloud PBX – from administration capabilities to interoperability to end-user features. Jamie did also have a good live demo of the Cloud PBX admin interfaces.

Jamie Stark getting ready to start his session

Cloud UC presented as the fourth communication era in a credible way (listen to the session on-demand!)

As a final session this day I did enjoy Thomas Poett at the MVP Hub Talk where he gave a good session related to “moving forward with Office 365 and Skype for Business”. A dedicated speaker describing some techy SfB stuff from projects.

Poett describes large voice enabled O365 implementations with several SBCs in different parts of the world

It is hard to put one session up against another in order to say if one is better than another. The speakers at Ignite are the best available within their subject. As long as I pick sessions with subjects of my interests, they tend to fit like a glove.

On the Expo floor today I explored more new technologies surrounding Skype for Business and got a chance to tamper with some cool stuff like phones from Yealink, the new meeting room experience from Logitech Smart Dock, Attendant Pro from Landis etc. I even got a chance to explore the Nano server through a pair of Microsoft Hololense!

Yealink T48G. They will come with a T49 with cam as well(!)

So far during my Ignite journey I have tended to attend mainly at UC sessions. Seems like my planned schedule for the rest of my week at Ignite will have even more UC sessions. Oh what a joy!

Today was a special good day at Ignite whit a lot of knowledge captured that will become handy already at Monday. I even got myself a lunch today!

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