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MSIgnite 2016, Day4

15,5 hour since I left the hotel. Almost 13.000 steps on my pedometer. A day full of great sessions topped with an awesome Microsoft Attendee celebration. It’s late, but I need to preserve some memories.

First session first: “Enabling mobility with Skype for Business” held by Praveen Maloo. This session did review all the features across the different mobile plattforms with lots of good demos on the Skype for Business mobile apps and integrations with the Outlook app, iOS 10 and more.

Praveen Maloo starting his SfB Mobile Client session
The new iOS10 integrations are demonstrated – here is a SfB call answered from the lock screen

My second session was Brian R. Ricks talking about “Configure Skype for Business for Skype Room Systems, Project Rigel and Surface Hub”. This in-depth session described how to properly setup the overall environment in order to have best best possible experience from Microsoft Surface Hub, Project Rigel and Skype Room Systems.

Brian on stage with a humoristic intro to his good session
First hand information shared by Brian

I had planned two sessions as my third session. I didn’t figure which one to attend today. Instead I did take an early lunch in the Ignite Hang Out. This turned out to be a good idea since I got my phone charged, I had a nice couch and ok food. With a pair of headset connected to a remote receiver I could also zap between 10 livefeeds from current running sessions at Ignite. I did mostly follow session on monitor 7. The agenda was slightly out of my hardcore areas, but the speaker was really engrossing. Much of the topics could however easily be transferred to any other project involving end users.

3/5 part of the large screen in the Ignite hang out
My personal wireless sound receiver/zapper

Session 2048 turned out to have a good speaker – I need to see this on demand later on

After my lunch I attended a really good session held by Nikolay Muravlyannikov on the topic “Plan for Skype for Business cloud connectivity with Microsoft Office 365”. Nikolay was very detailed in his presentation of the two types of connectivity with Cloud PBX and he shared a lot of experience and information. Time well spend!

Nikolay starting his presentation
One of many good slides from Nikolay.

My fourth(?) and last session today was the hardcore depdive “Deploy Cloud Connector Edition with Microsoft Office 365” held by Kerneel Bullens. This session gave an end-to-end description of an CCE Appliance installation. The session was well seasoned with practical tips and tricks from years operating in the MS UC field.

Session from Kerneel is about to start – during his presentation he was constantly walking and talking 🙂
A good slide from Kerneel describing all the acronyms used within the profession

With such a great line of sessions today I decided to drop my planned Theater session for the benefit of some relaxing in the sun. Time to charge the body for tonights Ignite Attendee Celebration in Centennial Olympic Park! Microsoft had even put om a great troubadour in the park outside the congress center. I did also use some time discovering the surroundings after 4 days mainly inside the Georgia World Congress Center.

Just as I imagined…
The WCC surroundings 
Centinel Olympic park in the front with the Skyline

Childrens Museum… Is it the Gravesite?
Entering the camp…
The crowded campsite

Thank you Microsoft for a day filled with good sessions, a great camp party with some live banjo music and Tennessee rock from The Delta Saints!

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