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Teamviewer mutes Teams

We have migrated from Skype for Business to Teams with phone integration. This means all our communication needs are covered by Microsoft Teams. Occasionally we perform user support through Teamviewer for remote control. Lately we have experienced that we have lost the sound of our Teams calling participants as soon as Teamviewer connects to a client. The participant can clearly hear us, but we can’t hear the participant.

We have found this to be caused by windows automatically adjusting the volume of different sounds when we are using the PC to place or receive telephone calls. It is however ironic that Teamviewer mutes Teams – it would have been more logic the other way around. We also notice that Teams does not mute other sounds on the computer. This used to work under Skype for Business. Because of this we have to adjust the following setting found under Control Panel – Sound – Communications:

Setting changed from “Mute all other sounds” to “Do nothing”.

I hope this can be corrected to let Teams trigger and be the preferred audio channel and phone client on Windows.

We have also adjusted the Audio Conferencing settings found in Teamviewer. It should however had the option to disable audio conferencing in the same way that they have implemented under Video.

Mute Voice Playback to stop receive computer audio from client. Set Conference mode to Phone.

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