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The location field in Lync

One of the big news in Lync is the ability to let users show the geographical location in the client based on automatic detection of network information. It may not sound powerful, but in practice it is a simple, automagical and good addition to an updated Presence!

The Location Information Server (LIS) can be used here, but this has not been implemented by us. Instead, we manually tell where we are, and Lync remembers it for the next time we come into that network.

This is a nice addition to the Presence experience, which should in turn give colleagues and others an idea of our “condition” and on which medium it is best to communicate.

The beauty of this is that, like all other presences, it must work automatically without us as users having to decide on anything. The system perceives where we are, whether we have appointments in the calendar, whether we are in conversations, whether we are working at the PC, etc. Nice stuff!

Please also note that location is not possible if you run Lync via terminal server:

Good luck with localization!

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