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Tuning AD for Trio LDAP integration

LDAP integration in Trio Enterprise is a fantastic feature for getting the details in Company Directory synced from Active Directory (AD) (which in turn is updated from the HR system). When dealing with Trio Enterprise in a Microsoft Lync Native integration it can be necessary to do some tuning of the information in AD. I will address some concerns in this post which will give more in return from the Trio Present LDAP Configuration.


When Microsoft Lync is introduced to a network, it is a great benefit (or a necessity) to have all phone numbers in AD in E.164 format. This is even more important when Trio Enterprise is introduced in a Native integration with Microsoft Lync. If AD is in any other format than E.164, it is favorable to use a script for manipulating the data. Attached is a framework to use a base since the starting point in each AD can be individual:

OCS Extension from AD

OCS Extension is a Present Field in Trio Present LDAP Configuration which misses an attribute in AD for direct sync. Normally you will have the extension number located in the Telephone attribute of AD, but in some rare cases the extension number differs from the Lync extension number. This could be when Lync is configured with shadow numbers when used together with Telenor Mobilt Bedriftsnett.
The closest match in AD is msRTCSIP-Line. The problem is that this field needs manipulation which the Trio Present LDAP Configuration tool is unable to do (remove “tel:”). In order to meet this need, I have made a script which manipulates msRTCSIP-Line and adds the E.164 version of the number to an AD-field (pager) which is available for the Trio Present LDAP configuration tool:

This script is copied to a DC and scheduled to run every night.
The Trio Present LDAP Configuration field mappings can now be set to OCS Extension from pager:


PictureFileName is also a Trio Present field in Trio Present LDAP Configuration that is missing it’s counter piece in AD. This problem can easily be addressed using the OCS Extension script as a base for a new script in order to add information into one of AD’s Extra Fields in the form of “<sAMAccountName>.jpg”. Some companies are also inserting pictures into AD.

I have made a script which adds the picture name in the form of “<sAMAccountName>.jpg” into AD’s extensionAttribute3 for users with data in the ThumbnailPhoto part of AD. The picture is then exported to the Trio Picture Folder. This script can be scheduled to run on a daily base on the Trio server and the LDAP sync can be set to sync the Present Field named PictureFileName from the LDAP Attribute extensionAttribute3.
The script is available here:

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