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Windows 8 from DVD to USB to Computer

It’s classic: Your brand new computer is preinstalled with Windows7. The new Windows8 is attached on a dinosaur medium called DVD, which newer computer can’t read due to no DVD drive!

In order to get out of this headache, you need your old computer with the DVD drive and a USB thumb drive (8Gb drive for 64 bit OS).

  1. Start CMD on your old computer.
    1. Start DISKPART
    2. Type LIST DISK and note the disk number of the drive you want to make bootable.
    3. Type SELECT DISK 2 (replace “2” with Your USB disk number).
    4. Run CLEAN followed by the following commands:
    5. You now have a new disk drive opened in Windows Explorer
  2. Copy all the files from the Windows 8 DVD onto this new drive.
  3. The USB drive should now be bootable with the Windows 8 installation medium.
    1. Boot with F9 on HP EliteBook

You might also need to do make ISO’s of any Application and Driver Recovery DVD’s following the computer.

Other sources including the use of some freeware in order to perform the same operation:

Lesson learned:
Do not throw away your old computer – you will need it in order to read the backups of you family photo library stored on DVD-R!!

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